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The residents’ concierge

Who can afford the luxury of a concierge service?

There are many luxuries that only the rich and famous can afford. A concierge service isn’t one of them. Picture this…

As you crouch down to check your appearance in the mirror on the floor – it’s been there for months now, will it ever go on the wall? – you realise you’ve left your glasses in the bathroom. Going to get them you walk in on your partner. That lock on the bathroom door has been broken since you moved in. When will it get fixed? You could get a handy man in but the call out fee alone makes it just not worth it. So you decide you’ll do it yourself. And the months pass…

It’s Christmas, you’ve done everything online. All Christmas shopping done and dusted in just two lunch hours. Then comes the fun bit. Every evening you come home to yet another ‘we’re sorry we missed you’ card. Instead of spending the last Saturday before Christmas decorating the tree you’ll be standing in a queue along with everybody else in Surbiton at the Post Office depot on Villiers Road. Now you wish you’d just braved the rush and done your shopping in person.

But what are the alternatives? Of course everybody would love a concierge service, but realistically, who can afford it?

Well, you can.

If you live in an apartment block you have one very powerful negotiating tool – you have the power of numbers. Vertical Village work with apartment blocks to provide just these sorts of services. We will organise a handy man for you. We’ll assess everything that you and your neighbours need and organise our builder – who we know and trust – to come and fix the lock and put up the mirror. And because he’s spending the day in the block, you’ll only pay for the fraction of time that you need. And we’ll pick up your online shopping and deliver it to your door. All of it. When you’re in. At an agreed time.

If you live in an apartment block you have the power of numbers. And you could use it to make life very much easier.

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