The service for you if you live in a flat in Surbiton.
Transform the way you get your block management and maintenance jobs done
– and get back your free time

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About us

We’re a small team of local people who are keen to help you make the most of the community in your block.

Understanding your frustrations

We’ve lived in a lot of flats and apartments, here in the UK and in other countries where things are done a bit differently.  We have experience of renting them from landlords – both personally and via company lets. We’ve owned them and we’ve let them to tenants.  On top of this, we have experience of being directors of a residents’ management company so we understand the frustrations.

Making everyone’s lives easier

Our goal is to use our understanding of the needs, expectations, frustrations and wishes of each party – flat owner-occupier, management company director, landlord, private tenant and ‘company let’ tenant – to offer a range of services that will make everybody’s lives easier.

We’d like to help you co-ordinate services so that they can be done on the same day, which means we can negotiate better prices for you and take away some of the hassle of the jobs you hate.

We’d like to take time to make sure that everyone in your building is aware of their responsibilities when they move in and know where to go if they have queries or problems. We’d like to help you put in place systems so that everyone knows what’s going on, particularly if they need to be somewhere or do something at a given time.

We’re happy to take on projects that you don’t want to so that you have more time for the things you do want to do. We’re also happy to suggest things that have worked well in other buildings. We use local contractors where we can so that travelling time is kept to a minimum and prices are kept low. 

Village spirit

We like the idea of blocks of flats with a ‘village’ spirit. And we’re excited to be using the latest web technology to help busy people to get things done. To vote on issues relating to the upkeep of their building without having to attend meetings they haven’t got time for. And to be able to refer to their lease or the minutes of last year’s AGM without rifling through mountains of paper.

Commitment to transparency and fairness

Our contractors are qualified and we work to The Property Institute standards. What does this mean for you? In a nutshell, it means we are transparent about what we do and fair about how we do it.

Looking forward to meeting you

So that’s us. Now we’d like to meet you! And talk to you about what Vertical Village can do for you.