The service for you if you live in a flat in Surbiton.
Transform the way you get your block management and maintenance jobs done
– and get back your free time

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Would you like to have your Surbiton flat tenancies better and more cost-effectively managed?

Do you get frustrated when your tenants’ neighbours complain about your tenants not sticking to the rules on issues like noise and parking?

Are you happy with the amount of time and paperwork involved in being a good landlord and safeguarding the value of your property by keeping it well maintained?

We support Surbiton landlords with a different sort of tenancy management service

Ours is a hands-on, streamlined, co-ordinated service – run by a friendly, local professional who knows your building well and has first-hand experience of the challenges of being a landlord.

So you’ll be able to:

  • Minimise the potential for tension between your tenants and fellow flat-owners by having a letting agreement that reflects the requirements of your lease
  • Ask us to have a friendly chat with your tenants if there are any misunderstandings
  • Manage (securely) all document storage and all communications relating to your apartment and your tenancy online – by means of a website dedicated to your building
  • Have access to all our pre-vetted contractors
  • Ask us to project manage (but not implement) any maintenance and repair work that you have done, at no extra charge, and
  • Save yourself lots of time and paperwork.

… As well as having all the usual tenancy management services, such as:

  • Deposit protection
  • Inventory services, and
  • Annual gas certificates

All on a pay-as-you-go basis

You’re not locked into any long-term contract. You simply pay as you go for each job that you want done.

The only pre-requisite is that your rental property must be in a building that has a Vertical Village website